Consumer Guide to Collision Repair

The book, "Crash Course: A Consumer Guide to Collision Repair" is currently available at or you can use the link below titled, "GET the GUIDE ONLINE" to order directly from the publishing house.

Will it be fixed right?

Will my car be the same as it was before the accident? These are common questions on the minds of collision repair consumers everywhere...
...And they're valid questions. Well over half the automotive paint and body repair facilities in business have, do and will continue to produce poor quality repairs.

Will the car be as safe to drive as it was before the accident? Fact is, regardless of how a repaired vehicle looks when the shop is finished, it may not necessarily be safe to drive.

What can I do?

How can I be sure my car is properly repaired?

Start by educating yourself about the collision repair process. With a better understanding of the repair process, you can assure yourself a better quality repair. By obtaining a top quality repair, you maintain the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle, which will be very important in the event of another accident.

OOPS!   This Dodge didn't quite dodge the accident.
Your collision repair education begins here...
YIKES!!! Don't let this happen to you.
GET the GUIDE ONLINE Crash Course: A Consumer Guide to Collision Repair
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